Japan is a country where beauty can be found around every corner.

Find it within our changing seasons, architecture, and what history and traditions have left behind.
At AJ INTERBRIDGE INC. we strive to communicate Japan’s unique culture through our traditional architecture and accommodations.

From the purchasing of properties, property management, renovation, and more, we provide an all-inclusive and comprehensive service for investors.
Utilizing our knowledge, experience, and expertise, we successfully market to customers both domestic and global to appeal to a wider audience.

Property Management Services for Accommodations

Our Machiya

Machiya Residence Inn is our self-catering holiday accommodation service. We offer guests an opportunity to “live like a local” and rent out an entire machiya (町家、traditional Japanese townhouses) during their stay. Each house has been carefully renovated to maintain the traditional design, while updated to meet the modern needs of our guests.

Our Ryokan

Full of character, tradition, and culture, the ryokan (旅館、Japanese-style inn) is a popular accommodation choice for many travelers. We differentiate our ryokan from our self-catering through our hospitality and attentive service, which many find unique to Japan. Through the preservation of these historical buildings, we hope to bring a newfound focus and life within our communities.

Our Hotels

At our hotels, our full-time staff are able to attend to the specific needs of each and every guest. Maintaining our philosophy of breathing new life into older, abandoned buildings, we transform these properties into hubs of relaxation, entertainment, and experience. Our hotels are located in city centres, with easy access to popular sightseeing attractions, dining, and shopping areas. By introducing cafe・bar・restaurant options in our hotels, we are able to bring our guests and surrounding communities together into a single space.

Renovation and Development Consulting

Our Renovation & Consultation Services

From vacant houses, abandoned buildings, to older properties, we are able to restore and reimagine any building into an accommodation property, museum, and more — the possibilities are endless. By keeping in mind the property, location, and customer, we work to provide you with our expertise and support in creating new and imaginative possibilities.