What began as a way to connect Australia and Japan,
AJ INTERBRIDGE INC. has now expanded its projects to bridge Japan to cities ‘All over the World’.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Hiroaki Araki moved to Adelaide, Australia at the age of 16. While in high school, he not only learned how to view his own culture through the eyes of those outside of Japan, but discovered the growing interest others had in Japan. Being thrust in a multicultural environment not only shaped the way he perceived his own country, but provided him with ample opportunities to learn and better understand other countries and cultures. After graduating from university, Hiroaki went on to work at the Shangri-La Hotel, The Marina, Cairns where he learned first-hand the ins and outs of the hospitality and travel industry.

Hiroaki took this knowledge and experience back to Japan, and in 2009 established AJ INTERBRIDGE INC. With an aim to create interactive accommodations, where guests were able to experience the beauty and culture of Japan in their “home away from home”, Hiroaki created the first AJ brand, MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN (a self-catering holiday accommodation service available in Kyoto & Kanazawa).

By reimagining traditional Japanese town houses (町家; machiya), traditional Japanese inns (古民家ホテル; kominka hotel), and buildings into accommodations, AJ INTERBRIDGE INC. brings travelers and surrounding neighborhoods together to create a singular community, and inspire individuals to return to our cities over and over again.

Hiroaki Araki
Hiroaki Araki
AJ InterBridge Inc. Managing Director