【Sydney】Take-away Sushi Shop, 寿司天 Sushi-Ten

AJ INTERBRIDGE INC.’s latest venture is in Sydney, Australia.

May 2019 marks the date for when AJ INTERBRIDGE INC. begins operations at ‘寿司天 Sushi-Ten‘, an eat-in and take-away shop for locals living in Mosman, NSW.

Located on Raglan Street, and a 20 min. walk from Mosman Bay Warf, Sushi-Ten offers locals authentic sushi, sashimi, tempura, and many other varieties of Japanese dishes for a taste of Japan.

As AJ INTERBRIDGE INC. expands globally, we look forward to bringing Japanese culture closer to people around the world.

Official Facebook Page:

「寿司天 sushi-Ten」

Address: 143 Raglan St Mosman, New South Wales, Australia

TEL :          +61 2 9969 3719

Sushi-Ten also offers outdoor seating, and delivery via UberEats.

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