【GRAND OPENING 2018 August】SAIK + SAIK tea lounge

SAIK is our traditional boutique inn located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. A fresh take on traditional and contemporary design, each stylish suite offers comfort, a private bathroom, and a piece of Kanazawa history.

Relax at SAIK tea lounge on the first floor, discover local favorites, explore historical sites, and taste the culture of Kanazawa. Our friendly front desk staff members are available to assist you in English and Japanese, and will recommend to you the best places to visit in Kanazawa.

Located in a traditional teahouse district, SAIK offers the perfect starting point to discover this dynamic seaside city.


Reservations available via our official website.

『SAIK 西玖』
『SAIK tea lounge』

TEL [10:00 – 19:00] 050-3786-2009 / +81-50-3786-2009(Overseas)

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