Featured in Hong Kong’s Travel Magazine, “Hong Kong Walker”

Two of our accommodations have been featured in the October issue of Hong Kong’s travel publication, “Hong Kong Walker” (香港ウォーカー).

This October 2019 issue is a special edition focusing on the Hokuriku region, and traditional accommodations throughout Japan. Our ‘MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN Hikoso-machi Kinnoma’ machiya holiday house, and luxury art-machiya ‘Rinpa’ have both been featured in this issue.

Both are unique accommodations that feature the unique architectural designs of Kyoto City and Kanazawa City. ‘MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN Hikoso-machi Kinnoma’ is a spacious two-storey holiday house located within walking distance of the popular Omicho Market, an outdoor market with produce and fish stalls that showcase the best of Kanazawa’s food culture. ‘Rinpa’ machiya house is a luxury art-machiya that incorporates the Rinpa school of art into the machiya house design, and offers a private concierge service, personal car service, and more.


MACHIYA RESIDENCE INN Kanazawa『Hikoso-machiya Kinnoma』

Kinnoma Machiya House Kinnoma Machiya House Kanazawa Kinnoma Machiya House Kanazawa


『凛葩 RINPA』Machiya House

Rinpa Machiya House Rinpa Machiya House Design Rinpa Machiya House

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The “Hong Kong Walker” (香港ウォーカー) publication first launched in Hong Kong in 2007, based off of the popularity of the original “Tokyo Walker” magazine counterpart. Aimed at reaching active readers interested in travel and lifestyle information, “Hong Kong Walker” reaches a wide audience within Hong Kong and overseas.

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『Hikoso-machi Kinnoma』

『凛葩 RINPA』

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